Principal Interview Questions

  1. Have you served as a principal before? If, so what grade level schools (elementary, middle, high)? How many years?
  2. What was the test performance of the students in your schools? State tests, National test?
  3. Describe your average daily routine in percents by the following: Discipline, buses, lunchroom, classroom visits, parent conferences, staff meetings, building and grounds, paperwork/reports, meetings outside of school.
  4. What role do parents play in your school? Give specific examples.
  5. What is the function of the PTA/PTO in your school?
  6. What is the function of the School Council in your school?
  7. How do you recruit teachers?
  8. How do you keep parents informed?
  9. Describe your style of leadership and give examples.
  10. How would you handle a situation where a parent wants her child removed from a particular teacher’s classroom; however, the teacher wants the child to stay?
  11. Name five words that best describe you as an administrator.
  12. Give three reasons why you should be selected as the principal of our school.
  13. What are your immediate or short-term goals for our school? What are your five-year goals?
  14. Who do you involve in decision making issues?
  15. How do you evaluate student work and how do you know whether that work meets standard?
  16. How do you evaluate teachers and other staff? What are your criteria?
  17. Explain your view of work ethics.
  18. How do you monitor staff as their compliance with the Georgia Teacher Code of Ethics?
  19. What role would the business community serve in a school under your supervision?
  20. Describe your involvement in community and civic activities.
  21. Describe the best teacher you know. Describe the best parent you know. Describe the best student you know.
  22. How do you measure the success of a school?
  23. What are the steps you follow in dealing with a child that is not demonstrating success? Who do you involve and when?
  24. Describe your most successful experience as a principal.
  25. Describe you worst experience as a principal.



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